our services


  • Inbound and Outbound Phone Sales

    Sales are essential to all businesses as it is where the revenue and growth will be based on. Our team is consists of topnotch sellers that will help you reach a targeted revenue without compromising your guidelines and policies. Let us help you grow and generate more revenue from existing and new customers.

  • Chat Sales Support

    SDW is one of the best when it comes to closing sales. We can convert almost if not all leads into a closed deal from different sales channels and different sales medium, especially via chat. We will turn our numbers into revenue and make sure that you will get what you have signed up for.

  • Lead Generation

    Leads may be recycled and most of the time, they are a waste of time. Not with SDW. Our lead generators are trained on exceptional ways of generating “organic” leads which give us up to 10% conversion rate out of freshly generated leads. We generate our own leads and come up with our own process for lead generation that help our clients generate more revenue.