our services


  • Inbound Customer Service

    We will represent your company and provide great customer experience over the phone without compromising quality. Our members are all skilled and experienced in handling different call types such as billing, reservation, service activation, general inquiry and others. Exceptional service will be provided to your guidelines and satisfaction.

  • Technical Support

    SDW is known for having an elite team of “technical geeks” as we provide web solutions. On top of that, customer service to its finest is one thing that we are proud of. These two assets will give you a topnotch technical support that will represent your company.

  • Email Support

    Communicating via email using a templated and generic answer to everyone may seem to be boring and robotic. That’s not the case for SDW. We personalize all email communications by using templated reply with a personal touch. Our team is exposed to daily email exchange for various clients from different parts of the world. An exceptional training is provided to ensure the personalization and human touch on all emails.

  • Chat Support

    Communicating over chat is quite difficult as the message may be misunderstood. In SDW, we make sure that either over the phone or chat, an exceptional customer experience will be achieved. Our chat team converse casually and aware of the words they use, without sounding offending and condescending. Phone and chat support has the same goal, to represent our clients and satisfy its customers.

  • Appointment Setting

    Time is important for us, and we know it is for you as well. Our appointment setters are very specific with scheduling and timing. They are very specific and never missed any details, even the smallest ones. We can help you manage your appointments and meetings with your clients without missing any information. You can depend on us.